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Matt is a mixed-media and spray-paint artist born and raised just outside of Toronto, ON. In his youth, Matt struggled with and overcame addiction and alcoholism. Such experiences require some form of emotional outlet, and for Matt, painting is it. Each of his paintings tells a story, whether directly his own or through the eyes of another subject. Matt works predominantly with mixed-media as he finds that it allows him to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new ways of expressing himself. He believes that the experience of art can be swayed by even the little things; as such, every colour and texture found within his paintings represents another layer of emotion that went into creating each work. To create his images, Matt works with multiple models andphotographers around the world. His artistic toolbox ranges from photography and digital drawings to spray painted portraits and custom clothing creations.

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Commission Custom Art Pieces

​​Matt takes on a select number of pieces every month with each project taking between 4 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity.

1. Send in your Inspiration.

the ocean is everything I want to be... beautiful, mysterious, wild & free! 

Provide your photo of choice

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2. Approve the Digital Render.

limited revisions per canvas

3. Schedule for Delivery

Get Free Delivery on all orders in the GTA

Get your FREE RENDER | Limited Time Holiday Special

Purchase a 3 by 3 ft custom piece for $850 and get a 1 by 2 ft free name canvas!

( Retail value of $1300)

Offer includes complimentary Christmas wrapping and FREE delivery 

Pre Order Deadline : December 6th 2020

Please enter your contact information and  art inspiration below ( take a screenshot to keep it below 5mb ) and Matt will get back to you within 1-3 business days.

"provocative piece by local mixed-media and spray-paint artist Matt Pine"

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